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Too Much Work

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I have too much work but can’t afford to turn any away – what can I do?

If you are struggling with too much work and can’t afford to turn any away, it suggests that there are one or more fundamental elements out of order in your business. 

Out of order may be just that – there is something that you/your team/your systems are doing that should be done at a different time or place. 

Out of order may mean that the assumption(s) you have regarding a particular aspect of your business systems/actions are not totally correct.

Possibly the assumptions themselves are not the best assumptions to use or lack evidence to substantiate the assumption e.g.  Your sales price is based on the assumption that clients won’t pay any more and if you ask for it they will leave - in which case you have probably never tested this assumption.

And an untested assumption is not a good foundation for something as fundamental as fixing your price point.

If your price point is low, then of course people will flood to your door.
Of course, you will have loads of work.
Of course, loads of clients will be chasing you, queuing up to give you more work.
Of course, are you are probably not making any more money than your competitors.
And probably less and getting less sleep, less time out but more stressed out.

That is just one scenario of cause and effect of one assumption and the evidence supporting it.  Business performance is built on the results of dozens of assumptions and the actions that flow from them.  If the underlying evidence is not there or is false in the first instance then the chances of building anything successful on dodgy foundations is unrealistic

In order to find out the best course of action for you to take in your business requires an understanding of what you are doing and what you are trying to achieve.  This is something that you already know – what you don’t know is what to do about it.

The answer to that you can find by:

1. research via the internet
2. read the books – there are THOUSANDS to choose from
3. attend free seminars and webinars
4. sign up for business advice newsletters
5. pick the brains of other business owners – who may or may not have experience
    of your issues
6. attend paid for seminars and webinars
7. engage a professional advisor, coach, consultant, mentor ………..
8. ………

The first five are free in cash terms and if you attend/read enough you are bound to find some excellent advice.  Alternately you could engage an advisor of some description.  This is obviously what we would like you to do since we have been there, we have felt that pain, we have lost sleep at night AND we have got through and not just survived but grown.  So CALL US and take that first step to getting a smile back on your face and some quality sleep at night.

HOWEVER we would suggest you read this first:

5 Questions Every Entrepreneur Should Ask When People Offer Advice

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Call 020 8901 6530 NOW
For your free no obligation discussion and initial assessment


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