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Start Up

Whether you are starting your own business career, at the end or somewhere along the route you will always be looking for answers to questions.

This has been the case for thousands of years from the earliest of traders in Mesopotamia some 3,000-4,000 years BC through to today’s business owners and is unlikely to cease in your lifetime.  Some questions for a start-up business will have remained unchanged in the 5,000+ years.

•  Should I start my own business?
•  Should l trade under my own name?
•  How much should I charge for my goods/services?
•  How much should I pay my workers?

There are no right, wrong or silly questions – all questions are good questions when you are starting your first business.  However, the same cannot be said for answers – depending on who’s asking and why, the same question often commands different answers.

Of the 32 businesses owners that Neil mentored for Business Mentors New Zealand, 12 were start up businesses or the owners had less than 3 years experience and 6 had been in business for 10-20 years.  Interestingly, with a couple of exceptions, they all had pretty much the same questions and issues to resolve.  However the right answers varied significantly – see the case histories.

Whatever question you have, you are almost undoubtedly not the first to ask it and probably will not be the last.

It is probably a good idea for you to read our article Questions & Answers prior to reading on because it will help you understand why the following answers do not directly answer the question and also explain the “jargon” e.g. project, process and pointed questions.

Here are just some of the questions that many feel fundamental when starting out or thinking of having a go.  Most people that ask these and similar questions are looking for a quick, simple but comprehensive answer.

How do I start a business?
Another great question – “How do I start a business?” the “pointed” answer to that (which is realistically a “project” question) is “Make a sale and collect the cash – repeat.” Job done. Perhaps your question should have been ……….

What do I need to do to start a profitable and sustainable business?
Now the answer to this “project” question is not so brief. It is simple – it just depends on a whole host of other “pointed” questions e.g.

•  Why business do you wish to start and why
•  What funds do you have available
•  What other funds do you have access to
•  What are your personal expenses per month (rent, food, utilities etc)
•  Why will people buy your product/service
•  Who will buy your product/service
•  What evidence do you have to support this
•  What are the consequences if not enough people buy

Plus a host of other questions

How can you help me start my business?
The best way forward would be to purchase our start up guide or contact us to book a Start Up Assessment (£120.00 inc VAT) where we can help you by assessing the plans you have and what you need to consider to take your ambitions forward with the minimum risk.

Better still CALL NOW 020 8901 6530 and book your Start Up Assessment

£120??!!! Surely I can get good advice for free.  Yes, you can get good advice for free – however, if you have the skill set and experience to know good advice from indifferent, let alone bad the chances are you won’t be looking for it here in the first place – unless you are a “competitor” in which case you should call us on 020 8901 6530 to discuss a strategic alliance

Paid for advice
As the saying goes “You get what you pay for”.  Though in this case you get a whole lot more. 

£120? It’s a gift – really, it really is a gift.  The average session is 1.5 to 2hrs and for that you get the decades of experience at your disposal.  This is a very, very special offer for start ups (been in business for less than12 months – or not started at all).  We “gift” at this rate because unless YOU are prepared to pay something for the knowledge and experience we have to offer then you are not serious about investing in your business.  And if YOU are not serious about investing in your business we are certainly not going to be investing our time in your business.

Money back guarantee
If at the end of a Start Up Assessment, we have not been able to demonstrate specifically how YOU can profit from the £120 fee we will refund it in cash before you leave.

Free advice
Where can I get free advice? – keep trawling the internet, there’s tons of advice out there.



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