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Show Me The Money

Money – this is what business is about, making a profit in your business is, or should be the driving factor.

But I am not driven by money - I want a LIFESTYLE business I hear you say.

Well, I’m sorry to disappoint you and you may well click off the site and I am OK with that as myself and my associates are ONLY interested in people who are serious about their business and that means a focus
                                                                 on profit.

Business is about turning a profit - Lifestyle is what you buy with the profit.

Making a profit is about understanding the formulas and simple ideas that make a business tick faster, clearer and with greater certainty and sustainability than the competition.  The money is what streams from the application of centuries of proven and refined systems, procedures, formula and thinking.

How can I increase sales in my business.

Now that is a good question and there are many answers to how you can increase sales in your business – see Growing Your Business.

However, the question we will ask you is “Is this really the question you want answered?”

OR do you want an answer to “How can I increase sales in my business?” in which case click through to Surviving

OR would you prefer us to answer the question “How do I increase profits from my business?” in which case carry on reading.

How can I make more money in my business.

Contrary to what you will find if you Google this or ask many “experts” there are only 5 ways to increase profits in your business – or any business come to that.

Many will tell you there are more 8, 10 ,15 or 20 and I have no doubt there are people quoting more.  However most of these are just derivatives of one element of the profit formula.  And in that case there are 100’s and I mean hundreds of ways of increasing profit or making more money in your business.  So it’s a bit like school – learn the formula or do everything longhand – the smart money is on learning the formula.

To learn more about how do I make more money in my business buy our e-book “How to increase your profits by 61%”.

Or call 020 901 6530 and book a face to face chat or Skype appointment with one of our consultants.

Do YOU know the formula that drive profit in YOUR business?

As a third generation engineer Neil (the founder/principal) is interested in the formulae and principles that define all the elements of business.

Through this he has found the formulae that define things like:

• The only five drivers to increasing profits in
  your business.
• How to determine positive or negative cash
  flow in your business.
• The financial ratios that determine exactly what the money in your business is doing -   or not
• The only two elements that drive all and everything we do in your business, whatever
  your business.

There are many, many formulae that have been developed over the centuries and many are centuries old.  Neil and his team work with you to determine which are the best for you, your business and your goals.

Working with the Seriously Sorted team will help you understand how and when you should use them to get the results you are looking for.  Because Neil and his team have spent the hours and days hunting these tools down, sorting the good from bad and the absolutely useless and creating simpler models, proving them so you don’t have to spend hundreds of hours reinventing the wheels of business.

Neil and his team can also introduce to you a whole range of efficient business critical models, standards and thinking which we like to call BOB – the Business Of Business, learn it all on your own, the hard way or fast track your ability to make more money faster with Seriously Sorted.



Things like:

• PDQ – the only negotiable to any sale.
• MDC – the basic business cycle of the window cleaner through to Apple Inc.
• Debt collection scripts that generate next day results.
• How to exit your business for a premium price.
• Qualified Bullshit – what it is, why people buy it, when to use it, how to use it.

These are the means by which businesses make big profits or small (because they do not understand all the little things), grow or don’t grow, survive or fail. You can learn the hard way like Neil did or you can learn easily from Neil and his team and see your business accelerate ahead of the competition.


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