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How we do it.


We help you achieve your business goals by working
with you as a mentor, coach, advisor or consultant.

Your business – Your choice




What is the difference between an Advisor, Coach, Consultant and Mentor?

By definition, not a lot.

That will probably upset those who call specifically themselves one or another However, if you have a quick read of our Advisor, Coach, Consultant and Mentor resource, you will see that when Google answers this question in it’s individual form e.g. what is a mentor etc.  Google finds these nouns pretty much synonymous with each other. Anyone who works in any of these fields will have their own thoughts. Briefly these are ours.

Advisor - Offers advice verbal, documented or both for you to accept and action – your choice.

Coach - Blend of advisor and mentor with a focus on helping you change.

Consultant - Is engaged to produce documented report and recommendations on specific topic.

Mentor - To encourage and support you find your own answers and direction.

How do I know whether I need a Mentor, Coach, Advisor or Consultant ?

When you can answer this, your current needs may well be history. In the short term, you can:

Accept our definition

Search Google

Talk to trusted friends and colleague’s

Or call us on 0208 901 6530 NOW and get started on closing the gap between where you are NOW and where YOU want to be.

Why should I talk to you – let alone work with you?

You should talk to us because we will

Listen to what you say.

Ask lots of questions so we really know what you are trying to achieve.

Ask the hard questions.

These are the questions that will determine how we can best work with you to achieve the results you are looking for for your business.  Most importantly we will commit to a documented scope of engagement.  This means you will know exactly:

What we are both committing to.

What outcomes you expect.

What timescales is to produce results.

How the expectations will be measured.

Your peace of mind that you’re engaging the right team is assured through our Money Back Guarantee*

* Terms and Conditions Apply - Please call 020 8901 6530 to find out more.


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